Justin and Autumn

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Justin Fender and His Daughter Autumn Tabor

36 year old Angel

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Autumn’s dad Justin had juvenile huntington’s disease, and passed away. Autumn now is battling jhd too. 

Justin was passionate about seizing the moment and never missing a chance to cause trouble. He loved to be the center of attention and lived life to the fullest. He enjoyed fishing, clean white tennis shoes, The Price is Right, wearing an over-abundance of cologne, and playing bingo. He will always be remembered as being the life of the party, a ladies man, and the guy who thought it would be “fun” to drive with his feet. May 20, 1982-June 27, 2018. He had the biggest, best smile you have ever seen, and he never let anything bring him down. His children were his everything and brought so much love and joy into his life.

About Autumn

She was born on March 15, 2005 is a typical girl. She loves a rainbow of colors. Her favorite things are butterflies and ladybugs. She wished for a “butterfly house”. Basically half (large) playhouse & the other half a greenhouse so she can raise butterflies and lady bugs. She loves it.


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Autumn’s Adamant Advocacy


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