Jamie and Kyle

Jamie and His Brother Kyle 

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jamie and kyle (5)Kyle and Jamie both have Jhd with very high cag counts. They got the affected gene from there biological father. I was not told that there was even any hd in there family, it wasn’t until I was 8 month pregnant with Jamie that I found out their dad had it, so needless to say I am and always will be very angry with that family. As they knew that hd had been in there family for 3 generations yet didn’t think it was important to tell me!!! Can you believe that??
jamie and kyle (4)I’ve been with my husband mark for 14 years now, although he is not the boys genetic father he is the only dad that has ever been there for them and brought them up. We also have 3 daughters together Anastasia, Imogen, and trinity.
Both boys are taking the diagnosis very differently. Jamie has a smile on his face every day and gives his best shot at everything he tries. Where as Kyle is in a constant grump 24/7. I am dreading what the future holds. I love all my children and it pains me to think what this awful disease is doing to my two sons.. My love goes out to you and your family. X

Jamie’s Last Motorcycle Ride

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