Hailey Sweet

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hailey (124)Hailey born on Oct 5, 2003.. came to live with us when she was a foster baby. She was around 5 weeks old. She was tiny & precious & stole my heart as soon as I held her in my arms 💕 I couldn’t wait for my husband to meet her!

The week before she came to us I had cried to God ”Please bring me a baby girl that I never have to give back.” (I couldn’t have babies of my own.) A week to the day later DHS called asking me to take Hailey.

was so excited & hopeful! I was also cautious because there was the possibility of her having to go back to her birth family some day. 

It would take two years but eventually, we got to adopt Hailey

She is a living, breathing reminder to me that God does answer prayers.

June 19, 2019 Hailey was in surgery. Feeding tube, The G Button won’t work right now. Her stomach rests to high. Now they are putting in a peg tube & we have to come back in 6-8 wks for the G button. She’s been hurting for awhile now and morphine doesn’t help. 21st Excited to be going home!!

hailey (102)June 8, 2020 Hailey quit eating over a year ago. About this time last year she got a feeding tube. Since then she hasn’t eaten much. She can. But normally she doesn’t.
This evening she told me she was hungry & I asked her if she wanted some applesauce. She told me that she only likes it with cinnamon & sugar. (I had no idea) So, of course, I made her some cinnamon & sugar applesauce! She said it was perfect 😁
Plus, she fed over half of it to herself! This made my heart so happy 💕
***Edit: This is a big deal (partly) because she hasn’t wanted “real” Food

August 19, 2020- Hailey is getting her G button Replaced Considering she got up at 530 and normally sleeps until 9 or later she’s doing great.

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