Elizabeth (Lizzy)

Elizabeth Rose Dawson

This is my gran and Lizzy on top the photo at the bottom is myself my gran (strongest lady I know) and our Lizzy fizzy . She was a bubbly baby girl she could walk say a few words and oh my how she laughed at absolutely everything and anything . Our Lizzy has been fighting jhd since she was born and it’s taken over her very quickly as she’s in a wheelchair and can’t speak at all and her sight has gotten bad . 

my gran took her at 6 months old and her daddy supports and is there constantly takes her for walks and buys her anything she wants her big sister Jamie watch’s over her includes her in everything she possible can .. I want this posted as we are looking for prayers and strength for both my gran and Elizabeth and our family this little girl really does bring the sunshine in our lives and we don’t want to lose this ray of sunshine.

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