Elizabeth (Lizzy)

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Elizabeth Rose Dawson

7 Year Old Angel

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This is my gran and Lizzy on top the photo at the bottom is myself my gran (strongest lady I know) and our Lizzy fizzy . She was a bubbly baby girl she could walk say a few words and oh my how she laughed at absolutely everything and anything . Our Lizzy had been fighting jhd since she was born and it took over her very quickly as she was in a wheelchair and couldn’t speak at all and her sight had gotten bad . 

elizabeth (3)my gran took her at 6 months old and her daddy supports and is there constantly takes her for walks and bought her anything she wanted her big sister Jamie watched over her included her in everything she possible could .. I want this posted as we are looking for prayers and strength for both my gran and Elizabeth and our family this little girl really brought the sunshine in our lives. Jan 3, 2011-Dec 19, 2018.

Update: Sitting at hospital now with lizzy been a long 6 months now and hopefully lizzys chest is clear to have the gastronomy feeding tube put in on Thursday not easy as a single father having a 7 year old daughter with jhd I feel so helpless watching my daughter go through this and can't help her but trying my best to do whatever it takes to make her short little life as comfortable as possible
elizabeth (15)10-17-18 Please say a prayer for lizzy tonight as the operation has been given a green light lizzy is going into theatre first thing in the morning praise God non of this would have been possible without the power of God as when she gets like she was today there is nothing that the dr's can give or do to control the fits and siesures I know cos I have seen it over and over again in the past few months and was stressing out that they would cancel again and I would only be able to get the theatre for operation available again in December some time but praise be to God her condition has improved and it's all thanks to all of you and the power of prayer God is listening and answers them so please keep praying for her that things go well tomorrow morning and God keeps her safe THANKYOU ONCE AGAIN GOD AND EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU GOD BLESS and have a awesome night further


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