Carlos Calvillo

16 year old Angel

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carlos (15)About Carlos

His favorite color was green. He liked Superheroes, wrestling and pretty girls. June 23, 1998-March 2, 2015

Carlos (6)So I’m finally going through my pictures and I find this picture of little Carlos and I just want to cry not because I’m sad but because I remember how he loved his hair spiked up and I would get so happy when he asked me to fix it he looks so cute here with his silver caps and chunky cheeks I miss him like this before we even knew about everything that would come in so greatful for the time and memories I have with this amazing person I call my little brother 💕

carlos support (12)Just some of what I see each night. Still won’t ever be the same and I miss you so much. Lord give me strength to not feel so selfish because I want you back!!


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