Caleb and Wyatt

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Caleb and Wyatt Havens

Caleb 27 year old Angel Wyatt 23 year old Angel

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caleb and wyatt (3)Wyatt was born along with his twin, Caleb, on March 19, 1995 in Missoula. Twins, Wyatt and Caleb finally free from Juvenile Huntington’s Disease. Wyatt made the choice to leave us after a long battle with the mental symptoms of his disease on August 19, 2018. Caleb joined his brother in heaven on November 15, 2022. They had to wait for a transplant team so they kept him on life support until then. Wyatt moved to Deer Lodge as an infant to be close to his family. Wyatt was a kind and gentle soul. He wanted to motocross with his brother, but we stopped paying his entry fees due to him kindly letting everyone pass him. He was always generous, and it was important to him to make sure everyone got something for Christmas. He crocheted baby booties when his cousin was born, even though they weren’t the same size, she wore them. He was also a staunch Republican and had a strong moral compass. He taught us all what ear marks were when he was in the 5th grade. Wyatt had many favorite people in his life, his grandma Kay and his grandpa Willy who are waiting for him in heaven. His most special person was his grandma D. He would sit at her kitchen table and have coffee and donuts. He had his own special coffee cup at her house. Even as a teen and young adult he would go to her house to visit and have coffee. wyatt (3)Wyatt started having symptoms of JHD around age 14. He was officially diagnosed after he turned 18. As his disease progressed he struggled in traditional school. He chose to go to Job Corps and he graduated with a high school diploma in heavy equipment mechanics. His disease progressed enough that he wasn’t able to work as a mechanic. 2015 Wyatt moved to Helena. He lived next to his family in his own apartment with his brother as his next-door neighbor. Wyatt worked at Home Depot part time up until his recent increase in symptoms. We would like to say thank you to Home Depot for the kindness and understanding they showed Wyatt. Having a job gave him a sense of purpose. Their ability to see the value in Wyatt was comforting and greatly appreciated. Wyatt is survived by his twin, Caleb. His mom and step dad Todd and Kristy, his brothers Riley and Jordan and sister Kayin and his father Lyle and Step mom Jennifer. The family would like to express thanks to the Lewis and Clark County PD and Search and Rescue, St. Peter’s ER, ICU and BHU doctors and nurses. Your professionalism, empathy and understanding have touched us deeply and made this journey a little easier.

About Caleb

caleb (36)His favorite color was Blue. He enjoyed playing guitar and liked country music. He graduated from Job Corps with a certificate in heavy equipment operating but due to JHD he has not been able to work doing that. He has a twin brother who passed away from jhd also. He also has two half brothers and a 5 year old sister. He was looking for a part time job. He enjoyed spending time with his 3 dogs. He was a great big brother to his little sister. He was a hard worker and enjoyed being outside.

About Wyatt

wyatt (5)His favorite color was blue. Wyatt was an old soul and preferred listening to Hank and Willie. He refused to listen to new country and said it wasn’t real country. He could take things apart and sometimes put them back together, he liked to gather fire wood, camp and fish. He was a 4-H member and won a purple ribbon on his crocheted pot holders. He baked brownies and played in the dirt, usually with his mom’s silverware.

Two years ago I took them fishing in Alaska. It was on the bucket list. It ended up being our last family vacation. Having a really hard time right now but I hope some day this will be a happy memory for us.

Caleb and WyattCaleb and Wyatt

Caleb and Wyatt

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