Bucket Lists

Help dreams come true here are wishes running out of time…

Miss Virginia’s bucket list is..

  • Fill Up Penny Jar,As Many As She Can


  • To See Disney World With Her Family
  • Go To Prom
  • Go To A Baltimore Raven Football Game,and Meet Ray Lewis#52 and Do His Cheer Dance With Him
  • Meet Justin Bieber If Only To Give Him A Hug
  • Swim With The Dolphins

She is a very unselfish little girl so please help us fulfill her dreams!! She lives in Pennsylvania so if you can help that’d be amazing!!

 You can contact her Mom at lisabuck03@yahoo.com

Driving a Gator with Jane Paulsen

Driving a Gator with Jane Paulsen

Little Aidan’s bucket list is..

  • To Not Fall Anymore (Raise Money For A Cure!!)
  • Service Dog For His Falls/Seizures
  • Meet Big Time Rush From Nickelodeon
  • Meet Some Iowa Hawkeye Football Players & Coach Ferentz
  • Go To Nickelodeon Adventure In Minneapolis To See Spongebob Squarepants
  • Bedroom Makeover Decorated In Trains
  • Ride On An Amtrak Train
  • Visit Colorado

He is just a baby and he’s going through one of the toughest things life can throw at you. He’s from Iowa so if you can help it’d be incredible!!

You can contact his Mom at Denise0224@gmail.com

Here is Cory’s Bucket List..

  • For Him To Pet A Llama

Cory has been dealt a hard hand of cards and through all the pain he’s currently in and the limitations his body holds against him, he still lives and loves every moment. Please help him live with what limitations he has left!! He’s in Georgia and they lost their hockey teams where he lives and he just loves Hockey and the Cold!!

He does a motorcycle fundraiser every year so watch for information on the site!!

You can contact his Mom at her email sslpn@bellsouth.net

Here’s Chris Bucket List..

  • Go To Thailand
  • Ride A Zipline Through The Jungle
  • Learn To Drive A Car
  • Drive A Car
  • Attend A “Mad Hatter Tea Party”
  • Compete In A Demolition Derby
  • Travel To Egypt
  • Dance  At A Rave
  • Pet A Tiger
  • Hug A Tiger
  • Go Inside A Pyramid
  • Bungee Jump
  • Attend A Native American Spiritial/Ritual
  • Shoot A Double Barrel Shotgun
  • Throw  A Tomahawk
  • Pet A Sphinx
  • Rescue A Cat
  • Be A Foster Parent To A Cat
  • See The Northern Lights
  • Go To A Gathering
  • Have A Horror Movie Marathon Night
  • Ride A Mechanical Bull
  • Go On A Safari
  • Drive A Forklift
  • A Mud Pie
  • A Clown Hat
  • Clown Shoes- Real Ones That Are Like Shoes

Chris is just one in his family who has jhd. His brother Lucas is also suffering from jhd. He lives in a home.. but Chris is lucky enough that he can still be at home and they can still do as much as he can but time is always extremely limited with jhd! They live in Washington so please help if you can! Please help complete his list!!

You can contact his Mom at her email awedraw50@aol.com

Here is Byrons Bucket List…

*BYRONS BUDDIES* I NEED UR HELP! I know this is last minute, but its all JESUS!

Ok…so…Byrons Bucket List item to go to the NFR and meet all of his favorite competitors may just become a reality THIS YEAR!!! Does anyone have a friend or a friend of a friend….who could maybe pull some strings to get him a ticket to the rodeo for the night of December 15, 2012? We will be there from December 12-17th, but we only need ONE ticket for December 15th, 2012! Thanks to my bestie Ruth Hall, I think we have the rest covered!!!! SO EXCITING! Byron’s passion is riding, even though he’s sick he’s not letting it stop him from doing what he loves!!

Contact Traci (his mom) at piggin_string@yahoo.com

Erica And Karli

Erica Holding Karli

Erica’s bucket list

  • Go To Paris

She is a very live life to the fullest person! It’s her ultimate dream.

her email is ecmukka_55@yahoo.com

her mom’s is jym092000@yahoo.com


Here’s Katelyn’s Bucket List..

  • To Take Her Brother Landon To See A Orca In Real Life
  • To Take Her Family To See Disney World
  • Go To The Beach With Her Brothers
  • Raise More Money For A Cure For HD and JHD

Kate is living life to the fullest. She believes in family, God, and hope. She believes in living in the day and refuses to be held down by this disease. Katelyn lives in Iowa so if you can help please email her Mom!

You can Mail Donations to

Tara Hansen

Kate’s Dreams

102 1st Ave.

Doon IA 51235


3 comments on “Bucket Lists
  1. Rosa Aldaz says:

    I am very humbled to see all these children and how positive they are. I would love it if you give my info to any of them and I would be in touch with them. Thank you Rosa

  2. wendi lutz says:

    Jacey- u have done an amazing job on this…keep fighting, we love you. I hope all these wishes on these beautiful children’s bucket lists come true.

  3. Jacey you are my hero. Keep fighting for JHD. Us michiganders are proud to have you in our state xoxox

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