Breanna L (Bre)

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Breanna Lentz (Bre)

14 Year Old Angel

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Breanna’s main symptoms were muscle weakness especially her ankle. This scared me she needed them to walk. Both feet turned inwards. Struggled to balance, tripped often, and fell sometimes. Her speech was already hard to understand, she was gagging on food. Her eyes fluttered in a weird way got stuck open twice. Her handwrighting was weak so it was hard to read her writing. She couldn’t zipper sippers or button buttons. All her shorts and pants had elastic waist bands to use them easier. She pretty much needed assistance with all her shirts. When Breanna started showing signs I thought it was HD. Nobody would believe me since it was suppose to be dead in the family. Even before Breanna showed symptoms, I noticed my husband wasn’t right I couldn’t put my finger on it. 3 years of fighting with drs, testing misdiagnoses she finally tested. Drs wouldn’t test Bre because her dad wasn’t ready to be tested. He finally had results. We found Breanna was positive August 23, 2016 cag 80+. I worried about everything concerning jhd. I worried about having to tell her the next step of what will happen, about her not being able to walk, most of all I worried about when the days came and we couldn’t have conversations together. She got a feeding g tube. Her lungs deflated when it was put in they put in a chest tube in and fixed her up. She got admitted several times again painful distended stomach.
About Breanna Her favorite colors were purple and then blue. She loved all sports, especially soccer, swimming. She loved stuffed animals, barbies, bomb fires, s’mores, whipped cream into her mouth, to give and recieve hugs and kisses. She made people laugh a little comedian. Loved church. Her smile infectious. so was her happiness. She loved comfy clothes as well as fancy clothes. The more daily the better. Her number one love was boys. I think they were the only reason she liked school. Had to quit swim team she was afraid to drown. Couldn’t play much at playgrounds and had problems playing sports she never quit! She loved sports tried her hardest to do what other kids did. PT was working on getting her a walker and wheelchair. I thought i have more years before she got to this stage. Friday BOOM! Couldn’t balance or walk. Really! I hate you jhd! i have you! She had to stop playing volleyball and already stopped swim team couldn’t join basketball. She had to do half days. Most kids would like this, not Bre. Breanna was born on Feb 17, 2006- April 12, 2020 14 years old.

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