Bethany and Leo

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Bethany and Leo Walters

26 Year Old Angel and 11 Year Old Angel

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Bethany was diagnosed with juvenile Huntingtons disease when she was 16 years old. A debilitating genetic disease that is terminal as there is no cure. It had caused Beth to lose her ability to talk and walk, ultimately she was is trapped inside a body that caused her pain and spasms every minute of the day. She was fed via a tube that goes directly into her stomach and bowel and needs lots of medical support. What Beth had gone through in 26 years, nobody should have to go through in a lifetime 💔 Her one wish has always been to see Westlife but due to her condition she has missed out on previous tours and now she cannot travel far. She is so very special and amazingly brave. Beth bravely fought and passed away on October 17, 1994-May 17, 2021, 26 years old. Beths Dad, Gavin, lost his battle to the adult form of this hideous disease and tragically her little brother Leo lost his fight at just 11 years old April 1, 2007-October 24, 2018. Together Forever In Heaven

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