Andrew Klot

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His favorite color is Turquoise. The most happiest day is when Andrew was born on Nov 6,2011 weighing in at 6.14 lbs and 21 inches. Born in Worcester,MA. I was blessed when the most beautiful child came into my hands that day. He is my first and only child and know he is very well loved. Everyday I would tell him he is my favorite. Being a mother was the most beautiful feeling ever I have never felt so much love in my life. He brought out the best in me he changed me in a positive way, because of him he taught me to be more loving, patient, and responsible. We had a normal healthy delivery and development. There is never a dull moment with Andrew he has so much energy and humor in him. He has personality and is such a character. He has a deep passion for cars, I mean everything cars whether its Nascar, Lightning Mcqueen, Hotwheels ,and sports car. He is a big fan of characters that goes fast such as The Flash, Turbo, and Sonic. Andrew also loves dogs. He has a dog named Koby it’s a Shih tzu breed. He calls his dog his brother. Andrew had quite the normal development in his first couple years even though he started crawling and walking a little later than other the drs said that was still on normal side since every baby develops different. He did a lot of baby talking and eventually began talking, singing, counting, and ABCs. It was probably the age of 4 when we noticed things are changing. It began with mood changes and his feet out toeing. The out toeing caused him a lot of falls and after quite a few walks he would tell me his ankle hurts. Orthopedic just said that’s the way he was born. When he would have his episodes he wouldn’t tell us what was wrong and sometimes he would not participate in certain events. He was always crying, whining, and saying no. Sometimes he would runaways or lay on the ground when we are at places. His Drs at that time diagnosed him with ADHD/Autism and he also tried various medication but medication made his symptoms worse so I stopped them. His speech was another issue, he started to slur and drool it worsens over time. Due to his symptoms Andrew had a hard time in kindergarten and 1st grade. He had a hard time understanding school work and making friends. I would always receive a negative notes about him and his behaviors or his schoolwork. It breaks my heart because I know hes trying his best. So at this time was very frustrating and mysterious. We had a in home therapist come to the house to help him cope with his emotions and communications to see if it helped. It did for a bit but something about him is still missing. After he finished 1st grade we moved to Colorado. He was diagnosed with Juvenile Huntington’s Disease at the Childrens Hospital in CO on 12/12/2019 age 8. They believed he had HD symptoms earlier on in age around 4 or 5 years old. I was shocked and heartbroken but at the same time I am relieved we found the issue and can prepare for the future. He’s been seen by his primary care Dr., metabolic specialist, genetics, Neurology, Orthopedic, and now he will continue with Neurology, PT, OT, speech, leg brace, swallow evaluation and more. My goal is to continue to keep his strength up, healthy, and happy as ever. I hope in the future he lives comfortably, and normal as possible. As of right now its 1/4/2020 Andrew attends a public school in Colorado he is very happy with his new school they have great caring supporting teachers and staffs. My wish is for a cure/ treatment for this horrible disease. My heart and prayers go to the person and/or family affected with HD ❤

June 1st, 2020- Andrew Got A Feeding Tube

Getting A Feeding Tube
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