Analiese Cutter

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About Analiese 

analiese (69)She was born on Oct 12, 2002. Her favorite color is purple, her favorite band is One Direction, mainly Harry Styles. She was able to attend their last concert in Seattle before the band split, was one of the best nights for her. She has had a lot of struggles in her short life, but she always smiles. She was a very giving little girl who was always there to help the kids in her kindergarten class that could not speak, she invited them to her birthday parties and they were always her focus, making sure they enjoyed themselves. She became a strong swimmer, swimming laps around me, worked very hard with her instructor and was very sad when she could no longer swim. She always wanted to play outside even when it was 20 degrees out and a colder wind chill, when we lived in New York.

analiese-8She was always and talker, and she had to be given a talk time out, but that never stopped her, she would talk anyone’s ear off, she had so much to offer, well she believed so. Even with her daily struggles, the inability to walk and talk any longer she always has a smile. She is an extremely special little girl. Loved by so so many, and so many that she has touched. My moto, especially with this disease now is, you can’t change the past, you can’t predict the future, live for today and try to make it a great one.

 She is ok, she is on a ventilator, they are working on her breathing on her own which she is doing when she needs, hopefully she will be taken off the ventilator in a couple of days. She's a fighter.

She went in ER Thursday, trouble breathing, she has pneumonia, she may have aspirated or could have been caused by a minor surgery on Tuesday because of anesthesia, she is in ICU

analiese (42)May 31, 2018 Analiese's first full day awake and her first visitor, she had to get surgery and have a feeding tube put in.


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