Alyssa Justine Bryant

30 Year Old Angel

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alyssa (8)How every mother’s worst nightmare changed everything. People of juvenile Huntington’s disease are the strongest most compassionate loving people I’ve ever been blessed to call family Those of us not afflicted are so very affected……it can be no other way. We must be the advocates we must speak for those silenced, cast aside by society but most brutal of all are loved ones husbands boyfriends baby daddy’s who abuse, neglect, manipulate, and isolate from loving family members including their own children. To me is as devastating as juvenile Huntington’s disease itself but If you haven’t guessed by now this has and still is the case for Alyssa my sweet baby girl born on Feb 20, she hadn’t seen Aidan her sweet young son for a year while she resided in a health care facility. I’d have said long term facility but there was no long term for her and the rest of our children. Alyssa and Aidan were running out of time while her advocate aka mommy had toiled day by day while that insufferable clock keeps alyssa (4)ticking and toking blind and uncaring WHY DOESN’T IT STOP!?SLOW DOWN! OR FLY OUT THE WINDOW?they say time flies but time can be fickle seems to me. Can’t it see we haven’t the TIME TIME!!but tic tock tic tock it just goes on and on while I call text email ask beg and plead for help to cold uncaring powers that be the lawyers and social workers, legal aid this legal aid that I’ve called them all they only see money don’t ever see me that say sorry can’t help try this one and that one who I call text and email to ask beg and plead but I’m just a rat in a maze that no one can see I’m lost in the shadows too CANT YOU SEE? IM RIGHT HERE IN FRONT OF YOU! IM ON MY KNEES!WHY CANT THEY SEE?!ignorance is bliss so they say but not for those living in shadows, no voice and unseen.

alyssa-7.jpgThrough all the love,compassion, and kindness from people like you dear reader, the many juvenile Huntington’s groups, supporters, administrators, families in the fight but especially to look lead and I shall follow I love you girl you’ve lead us here. my other daughters for Their understanding and patience while we’re watching the Huntington’s dance. Alyssa and I love you all. Together nothing can stop us…….NOTHING Feb 20, 1989- July 21, 2019.

alyssa (30)
with her son ❤ before she died July 21st, 2019



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