Alysha, Nicole, and Richard

Alysha Her Sister Nicole and Her Brother Richard

14 year old and 27 year old Angels

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Nicole Richard and Alysha

nieceAlysha’s younger sister Naomi and her daughter Bailey. Alysha would have loved and cared for Bailey if she was still with us. She would have showered her niece with a thousand kisses and a million hugs. Although, she is no longer with us, Bailey is growing up and knowing who her Tia Alysha was. Her brother Richard also had jhd. He was born a healthy baby. He reminded me a lot of Alysha. Their personalities were on target. The way they loved the people around them. Richard passed sadly afterwards.

alysha (11)About Alysha

Her favorite color was a pretty pink. She loved the princesses, Ariel was her favorite. She loved barbies too. She watched narnia so much when it came out that she would watch and knew the lines. I would just sit and watch her say the lines. She was smart and very funny.

richard (2)

About Richard

He was smart and funny. He loved the beach. He was kind caring and very loving. 

nicole (1)

About Nicole

She loves music and is constantly on her phone listening to it.


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